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Transport management key to sustainability in service sector

At Deltion, we maintain that freight transport operations should be regarded as a key factor in the effort to help the country (and the world) deliver on its sustainability promises. Obviously, all transport operations benefit from continual improvements in productivity and the service sector should be no exception. The tools we've developed for freight operators can be adapted easily to help any non-logistics sector improve its transport component - a process which would not only have a beneficial financial impact for operators in the sector involved, but also provide positive environmental and social responsibility (ESR) outcomes. For instance, we can adapt our sophisticated transport management system (TMS) and leading edge routing and scheduling solutions to great effect in the service sector alone, where any transport element can be streamlined automatically to reduce unnecessary journeys and time wastage for the personnel involved. Think of NHS nurses rushing hither and thither about the countryside - could their routing and scheduling be improved to save wasted time and so help reduce waiting lists? Now, wouldn’t that be something that impacts all of our lives for the better?

NHS routing and scheduling can be improved to save wasted time and reduce waiting lists

Basically, rationalising the transport constituent of any given service sector is a highly consequential way we logistics boffins could help the broader economy and society as a whole to achieve its net zero goals. What’s not to like about that? Contact Bashir Khan here to drill down into the nitty gritty of how this could work.


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