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The right info, right now

In our last post, we discussed how freight transport optimisation could only truly deliver a valid solution to any given operation if it was fed the correct information. Unfortunately, in the logistics sector we also need any and all such information to be provided in as near real-time as possible. Customers expect not only their deliveries to be on time, but also to be provided with regular updates on those deliveries, especially if there are likely to be delays - all of which is standard in the courier sector, but not yet prevalent in the freight transport sector. With an internet-based SaaS-based transport management system (TMS), there is no reason why the same level of service cannot be provided to all sectors including logistics, whatever the traditional service provision.

Image of truck to illustrate article about freight transport management and CarrierNet TMS.

If you’re a freight transport operator anxious to deliver real-time information–and thus superior customer service–to your customers, you can find out more about how a cutting edge SaaS-based TMS will deliver that by contacting Bashir Khan right here.


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