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Deltion is a world leader in cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) logistics applications 

Deltion's CarrierNet was the first internet-based logistics solution and has been recognised internationally as the leading web-based application for supply chain, logistics and transport management.


The success of CarrierNet is based on more than 20 years of experience developing solutions for logistics and transport operations. Deltion's management team developed CarrierNet as a SaaS product to provide a world-class, easy-to-use, real-time software service for manufacturers, retailers and logistics and transport companies - in fact any organisation with the need to manage and control both in-house, outsourced and sub-contracted logistics in real time.


Deltion set the goal of providing managers of any logistics operation with a real-time Anyone-Anywhere-Anytime solution that would enhance efficiency and service levels while simultaneously reducing operating costs. The Deltion cost model charges on a per-transaction basis - you pay only for what you do and what you need today, not what you once needed or might need tomorrow. This was revolutionary by any standard and earned CarrierNet several awards.


Under the leadership of Deltion founder, Piyush Shah FCILT, the company remains at the forefront of cloud computing development; using HTML5, our users can access CarrierNet via any internet-enabled devices, irrespective of whichever browser is being used.


Today, CarrierNet is the leading multi-user logistics and transport software service. It is also the No. 1 pay-as-you-use internet-based service for collaboration, visibility and logistics management in primary and secondary freight transport.


At Deltion our aim is to ensure that CarrierNet continues to take advantage of the very latest proven technologies in order to expand the range of benefits it brings to our clients.

CarrierNet works for, among others:
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