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Giving transport operators a platform

Today’s transport and freight operators use transport management systems (TMSs) as a matter of course. The benefits of a well implemented TMS are now widely recognised in the industry, so it's time to ask what the next, improved iteration of a TMS could be. Thankfully, the answer is already with us - a TMS should become the backbone of a transport management PLATFORM. As far as transport operators are concerned, what we mean by a platform is an integrated IT system that features a range of functionalities of which the TMS is just one hub (albeit a central one), which in turn is connected seamlessly to other hubs, which could include departments such as HR, financial management, stakeholder reporting and so on. The key here is that a transport management platform not only delivers the required TMS functionality but also forms a central communications platform on which an operator's IT master plan can be integrated with an operator's business strategy. Usefully, via a correctly planned transport management platform, data duplication is minimised and communications to wider stakeholders optimised.

Photo of truck on motorway to illustrate article about the CarrierNet TMS

In summary, the next step to improving your transport operations is establishing a transport management platform that can run multiple aspects of a transport operator’s business. If you would like to know more about how this can work, click here or contact Bashir Khan directly and he will arrange a free demo for you.


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