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TMS or TME? For transport operators, that is THE question.

A cutting-edge transport management system (TMS) should actually be a transport management ecosystem (TME).

Transport operators typically have to manage and deliver both full- and part-loads on time at a cost-effective price. To do that they need to manage those requirements either manually (prone to error, time-consuming and costly) or via an IT system (systems, more usually). In the case of the latter, having separate programs managing different parts of a transport management system is also prone to error (cross-platform glitches/miscommunications are notoriously frequent), time-consuming and, while cheaper than manual systems, also less cost-effective than utilising one system to handle everything.

Cutting edge TMS CarrierNet - image to illustrate article

A TMS such as CarrierNet is actually a TME – it utilises a variety of configurable automated integration techniques to deliver not just transport management but also routing/scheduling, automatic transport planning, hazard avoidance tools and financial reconciliation. In short, a transport operator may pick and choose whichever (or all) CarrierNet tools they require and only pay for what they use. Essentially, they can build a transport management ecosystem unique to them on the CarrierNet platform over time. They can size up or down according to their needs and everything takes place in real-time.

A TMS may be what you have but what you need is a TME. Don’t believe such a thing exists? Call us out on it – contact Bashir Khan here and he will arrange a free demo of the entire CarrierNet platform or just those parts of it that interest you.


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