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Does your TMS have instant scalability?

For transport operators, the benefits of a modern, internet-based TMS are numerous with instant scalability of IT capacity just one of them. Such a TMS uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Simply put, SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is hosted on the software supplier's servers in the ‘cloud’ - users access the software via their internet browsers. It’s a simple and secure process where an operator pays only for what they use. In the old days, a transport operator would have had to host such software themselves on expensive servers in-house and, at times of extra demand, would have had to scale up by purchasing more hardware and spending valuable time and money integrating it into their TMS; at times of less demand, they’d have sat with that extra hardware expensively idle. Happily, with a SaaS-based TMS, all that money, time and effort is a thing of the past. In effect, a SaaS-based TMS has done away with the need for a transport operator using it to have any physical IT infrastructure in-house other than internet-enabled workstations. That means massive savings not just on hardware but also on training and IT personnel too.

Photoshopped photo of truck to illustrate this article about a SaaS-based TMS such as CarrierNet.

Now, when business is booming and you suddenly need extra server capacity it is automatically available to your TMS and you won’t even notice it when it comes on stream. The reverse is also true - if you need less capacity because times are lean, your TMS will automatically use less. In either case, you will be charged only for that capacity you are using at any one time.

As noted above, this instant scalability, as it’s called, is just one of the many benefits of using a SaaS-based TMS such as CarrierNet. To find out more about how it works and to see it in action, please contact Bashir Khan here and he will arrange a free demo.


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