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Cutting the cost of transport operations

The cost of living crisis affects not just us as individuals, but all of industry, and the freight transport industry is no exception. When the going gets tough, transport operators need to get smarter, not tougher. They need to ensure that they are employing every means within their disposal to increase their operational efficiency and to cut out waste; there is simply no room for any inefficiencies in transport operations these days.

Let’s get radical

One easy-to-implement way for transport operators to increase their operational efficiency is to take a new approach to operational practice and work in collaboration with other operators in ways that will increase trailer fill and reduce empty running - which means lower costs for all, with the added benefit of producing a higher level of service to customers.

Innovation and collaboration

Transport operators may say that all sounds great but how is it possible to do that - and do it without relinquishing competitive advantage to other operators? We argue that leading edge TMS solutions make that possible today. So, a transport operator should demand that its IT provider ensure that their TMS has the ability to easily integrate with those of other operators and share only relevant information. Operators can then use this information to maximise trailer fill and reduce empty running, with everything being handled in real-time so that sudden and unexpected complications can be factored instantly into load and route planning.

If your IT supplier is unable or unwilling to provide you with such a TMS, contact Bashir Khan here and put Deltion’s CarrierNet TMS to the test - for free.


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