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Collaboration a hot topic

With temperatures in much of the country approaching hitherto fantasy levels, it should serve as a reminder of our urgent need to reduce the impact of our activities upon our irreplaceable environment. Sadly, it’s plain that climate change is not on the minds of our wannabe Prime Ministers, as they seem to be ignoring the subject in all their debates thus far.

For transport operators living in the real world, however, our potentially record breaking heatwave shows us there is a need for close collaboration if we are to improve vehicle fill and reduce excess mileage far more than we are currently managing. One barrier to cross-company collaboration of this kind that is often mentioned is how confidentiality of commercial information can be maintained in the sharing process. However, this problem has already been addressed and solved in the Dutch iShare project. The Dutch developed a transport and logistics trust framework wherein data remains the property of the entitled party. This approach has demonstrated that any transport operator involved in the project can share information with other operators in a confidential manner, without compromising any other aspects of their business. To collaborate successfully like this, operators need to run TMS systems that will allow the successful and secure sharing of information in such a manner. With a proactive 'Can Do’ attitude, we should be able to introduce a collaborative approach to transport management that not only will reduce the impact of our industry on the environment but reduce costs for both operators and their customers in the process.

Like to know more? Contact Bashir Khan here and he will explain all. In fact, he can demonstrate using our own CarrierNet platform.


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