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There’s a Smart Hub & Spoke Solution

It is widely acknowledged that the Hub & Spoke logistics system holds great advantages for transport operators, enabling improved service levels, better vehicle fill and simpler operations with lower costs overall. However, Hub & Spoke can certainly be used more intelligently in today's logistics environment. For instance, an additional benefit that can be gained when an operator is equipped with a capable transport management system (TMS) is that it can automatically determine whether a load should go directly to its end destination (e.g. in the case of a single, full load) or via a hub for load redistribution and consolidation, before delivery to its final destination or destinations.

Provided that operators have the right TMS in place, with the consequent well-managed operations, then flexible solutions are available to them that can deliver better service levels and more improved vehicle utilisation with reduced costs.

With the right TMS, this immeasurably more efficient approach can be delivered without introducing any further complexity into freight and transport operations. If you doubt our assertion, please contact Bashir Khan here and he would be happy to demonstrate our own CarrierNet TMS platform – using your own data if you prefer, free of charge. A best-of-class TMS is a game-changer that will allow you to make even smarter use of your current resources.


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