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Is sustainability sustainable ...

…in a freight transport context?

There are various definitions of sustainability and the one that is most applicable to our industry is delivering on the customer promise while minimising the harmful impacts of freight transport on the environment and wider society.

Image of truck and Clean Air Zone sign to illustrate article about sustainability in freight transport and how the TMS CarrierNet can help.

Within this context, transport and freight operators will need to navigate successfully all the various local and national clean air schemes while ensuring that there is no degradation of their customer service - and all for the same or even less cost. The only way that an operator can deliver this is by using a modern TMS that can handle all those diverse requirements, while providing all relevant information in a form that helps managers deliver effective solutions that produce the least possible impact on the environment with no drop-off in customer service. And that’s how to make sustainability in freight management sustainable.

If you’d like to know more about such a TMS, contact Bashir Khan for a free demo of CarrierNet here.


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