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Greater sustainability achievable without new tech

The recent Multimodal conference in Birmingham amply illustrated the fact that the logistics sector is serious about becoming more sustainable. There were no fewer than 16 discussions regarding sustainability during the 3-day conference. That said, most of the talks were around the use of cutting edge technology and revolutionary techniques to bring about change across the sector. We think that is all good and necessary but also feel that we are missing a trick in that there are simple and easy things all freight operators can undertake right now that would have a material impact on our collective carbon footprint - namely improving efficiency and accuracy in freight management.

Image of truck with low hanging fruit in the foreground to symbolise what can be done right now to achieve greater sustainability in the freight transport sector

To achieve the above, we don’t need new tech or high tech or significant change or massive capital investment. A sophisticated transport management system (TMS) (which by now should be ubiquitous across the industry) plus a correctly applied routing and scheduling tool can deliver significant sustainability improvements (reduction in miles run and of empty loads, etc.), and furthermore result in cost- and time-saving bottom-line benefits. Our conclusion is that we can make a sizeable dent in our sustainability goals right away if we start the process like this and before the introduction of the aforementioned new tech or significant organisational change or expenditure. If you would like to know how you can deliver improved planned vs actual vehicle running, contact and he’ll fill you in on the hows - you already know the whys.


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