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Digitise now to drive empty lorries off the roads

According to recent figures, 30% of UK freight vehicles are currently running empty, accounting for a staggering 3 billion+ miles every year. Some empty running is unavoidable due to factors like where specialist tankers are involved or destinations that have no goods to dispatch in the other direction - but those factors do not apply to anywhere near 30% of lorry journeys. How can today's freight transport operators and customers accept such a situation? Quite apart from the environmental impact, the cost of all those wasted miles should surely drive disruptive change in the industry!

Photo of empty truck on motorway to illustrate article about  how CarrierNet can help reduce the number of lorries running empty.

The key point is that this change need not impact on the operators or customers, as modern TMS solutions such as CarrierNet can deliver all the necessary protocols: correct vehicles for the job, drivers, timing and services such as load-sharing as necessary to remove empty vehicles from the roads.

Any modern TMS can capture the requisite information and apply the appropriate constraints, allowing seamless integration between different systems. To deliver a collaborative environment where we can tackle this obviously costly and wasteful issue via truly sustainable distribution, contact Bashir Khan here for a free demo of CarrierNet.


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