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Proposing a hierarchy of sustainable transport

Typically, any hierarchy of sustainable transport defers to walking, cycling and use of public transport through to road use in a private vehicle - none of which is relevant for the movement of freight, so in our case we need to optimise use of our vans, trucks and HGVs. To do this effectively, however, we believe that we have to ensure that we are moving that freight in the most efficient and frugal way fuel-wise. Therefore, we posit that vehicles should be as full as possible, with a minimum number of empty transport legs, and are integrated with the requisite mode of product movement. To deliver this approach will require operators to use routing and scheduling systems that can provide multi-modal solutions and plan the operation of an entire network on a daily basis. It’s only in this way that operators can be confident that they are optimising freight scheduling to reduce empty mileage and less-than-full-load movement to a minimum.

Photo of truck running smarter and greener to save costs by using the CarrierNet TMS

Fortunately for the planet and ourselves, there is a transport management system (TMS) that can deliver such an outcome right now. Please contact and he will demonstrate just exactly how CarrierNet can do that - and impact your operations positively further down this new hierarchy of sustainable transport.


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