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Are service engineers the most expensive drivers on the road?

After a lot of study, we’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that a large number of service-based activities can benefit greatly from employing leading edge logistics management solutions, especially where transportation of service engineers between locations is an essential element of the service provision. If modern transport management techniques are not employed, provision of a service such as, say, district nursing or telecoms maintenance, could be wasting large amounts of service providers' time as their engineers become nothing more than glorified drivers who have to spend far more time than necessary piloting their vehicles from point to point. In these kind of cases, apart from the wasted time and money, a greater environmental impact is also involved. Most freight logistics operators have recognised the advantages of using modern IT systems to minimise time wasted by, for instance, drivers taking longer routes than necessary. However, we have ascertained that most major service providers from the NHS to the utilities, whose service providers are completely overqualified as drivers, have not even considered the use of such techniques - and hence our contention that they could well be the most expensive ‘drivers' on the road.

Image of vans going round a roundabout endlessly to illustrate an article about service engineers needing transport management systems

To reduce your costs in this area by using a modern transport management system (TMS) - which are not as costly or requiring of major structural change as you may think - please contact and he will show you how you can realise the significant benefits mentioned above.


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