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Customer service should not be so taxing

Have you tried to contact HMRC about a tax enquiry lately? If you need to do so, you can expect to wait on the phone line for a long time, as service standards are reported to have dropped to all-time low levels. Those of us in logistics may remember when this used to be the case in a number of areas in our sector but nowadays, arguably led by the parcel-delivery sector, operators are proactively providing their customers with information and alternatives that vastly reduce the need for them to call a customer service helpline. Most of this is due to the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) IT applications. With a SaaS-based service, finely tuned and highly effective customer service solutions can easily be introduced and configured for any sector, whether it’s for freight operators or the taxman. In the case of the former, that solution would form a cutting edge transport management system (TMS) such as CarrierNet.

Image of confused tax collector trying to make sense of an antiquated IT system

There is no valid reason that customers should not able to view all necessary collection/delivery details via a direct enquiry to a SaaS-based TMS and should rarely have to try calling a helpline.

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