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What’s on your TMS wish list?

That’s what we'd like transport operators to tell us. What is the one thing (or more) you wish your transport management system (TMS) could do for you that it currently can’t? Let’s be honest, any TMS will have modules for a standard range of jobs such as order planning with status updates; integration with other systems when necessary; full financial charging and discrepancy management, as well as a mobile app.

Truck and keyboard amalgamated image to illustrate article about CarrierNet TMS.

However, in this highly connected world of ours, a TMS should be able to do more than those basic tasks. So, what we’d like to know is what particular thing you wish your TMS could do? Go ahead, even if you think it’s not possible, tell us what your wish is and we’ll let you know if it can be granted or not – and it won’t cost you a penny.

Drop Bashir Khan a line here with your wish – or a ream of them – and he’ll let you know which can be granted and which cannot.


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