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A New Year resolution for freight operators

As we start 2024, we should take the opportunity to reflect on some of the events of the past year, as well as those on-going, in the freight transport sector. The biggest concern for the industry surely has to be the large number of freight companies that have gone out of business, about which the least that could be said is that the sector is going through constant changes and the business environment is becoming more competitive with each passing day. As such, we need to be aware that only those operators who can deliver what the customer wants - at the price they are willing to pay - will keep their heads above water or even hope to thrive. 

Image of truck twisted out of shape to illustrate this article about how freight operators need to be flexible in 2024 if they wish to stay in business

In order to be one of the successful operators, hauliers need to be aware that the majority of the changes that are occurring almost daily in the industry indicate that ever greater digitisation and digitalisation are required to deliver the enhanced service levels and competitive prices customers demand. To succeed in this environment, all operators will need their management systems to be almost instantly adaptable and flexible enough to turn on a dime - or penny, in our case. Only a SaaS-based transport management system (TMS) is capable of doing all that while providing, as a matter of course, key features including:

• top level security 

• access for all relevant stakeholders

• sign-on-glass capability

• continuous evolution

Deltion’s award-winning TMS, CarrierNet, is currently able to deliver all these requirements and more. Make it your No. 1 New Year resolution to get a free demo of CarrierNet courtesy of:

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