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Freight operators continue to fail

More and more freight operators are going into administration, reportedly including yet another very large parcels carrier. Is there anything you can do in such uncertain times that can help your company keep safe? The answer is that while there is no guarantee that the worst can't happen, with the right approach in place your exposure to risk can be considerably reduced. With a Software as a Service-based (SaaS) transport management system (TMS) you will be aware of your costs and sure of the service that is being delivered to your customers at all times. In addition, you only pay agreed costs for a TMS that cannot fail due to hacking or hardware breakdowns. A modern TMS like this will advise of all the costs incurred by an operator for them to attribute accurately the equivalent amounts to the individual customers concerned. Furthermore, your customers can also have access to their service information in real time, as well any other pertinent information you agree upon.  

A SaaS-based TMS such as CarrierNet can help you best manage your freight operations and customers.

If you would like to know more about a SaaS-based TMS such as our own CarrierNet can help you best manage your operations and customers, please contact


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