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Transport operators can’t COP out

According to the experts, the planet needs to remain within 1.5°C of pre-industrial revolution temperatures for us to have any chance of stabilising, never mind reversing, the adverse effects of climate change. Obviously, it will take a massive effort on the part of everybody to achieve this and that most definitely includes freight transport operators, who are a high profile group when it comes to controlling CO2 emissions.

Image of truck to illustrate post.

All operators will need to comply with the new national and international regulations that are undoubtedly coming their way. Many UK operators already have some experience of this due to locally-based green initiatives in places like London and Bristol. In short, every company will need to be prepared for climate crisis-related changes, especially when it comes to their communications and operations systems, as there will be more to the new regulations than just switching to electric vehicles, for instance. Therefore, the preferred approach should be to find transport management solutions that work for everybody, including external stakeholders such as transport authorities and governmental departments. There’s no doubt that web-based transport management systems (TMS) are the way to go because they already exist, are fully proven and capable of the maximum amount of integration. Add to that that such TMSs are effectively future-proofed and any transport operator using one can be assured that they will be ready and able to handle whatever operational or administrative changes are coming their way.

If you’d like to know how such a TMS works, contact Bashir Khan here and he will arrange a demo of our own CarrierNet TMS.


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