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Today’s TMS should deliver pain-free gains

We can all agree that any transport management system (TMS) needs to provide 4 basic operating functions:

  1. Planning – progressing shipments within agreed parameters through the transport element of the supply chain

  2. Execution – execution of the transport plan and providing necessary visibility throughout the supply chain

  3. Follow-up – administrative functions such as invoicing, transportation traceability, transport alerts, receipt editing, customs clearance, etc.

  4. Measurement – providing evidence of conformance to agreed service levels through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs)

Of course, a TMS may provide these functions, but how pain-free are they in use? A Software as a Service (SaaS) based TMS can not only ease any such pain but also give some serious added value.

CarrierNet, Deltion’s TMS, definitely adds value throughout the supply chain. It will:

  1. Integrate with existing systems not only within a company’s supply chain but those of external stakeholders – reducing costs and improving quality by delivering automation and optimisation as necessary

  2. Deliver real-time transparency – enabling managers to help front line workers resolve issues as quickly as possible

  3. Simplify operations for staff – planners will plan, loaders will load, drivers will drive and so any risk to operational efficiency is negligible

  4. Provide management with essential visibility – delivering an evolutionary BI tool to enable managers to develop their own reports to meet evolving needs

Modern TMS solutions, such as CarrierNet, are continually reviewing activities with customers to understand how any and all barriers to efficiency and cost-effectiveness within a supply chain can be dismantled. A TMS solution needs to deliver all functionality in a well packaged modular solution that can work on a ‘plug and play’ basis for customers.

We believe that a company has the right to choose a TMS that best suits their specific needs and, using a SaaS-based product, their TMS solution provider should be able to deliver exactly the TMS solution they require.

For more information about Deltion’s CarrierNet SaaS solution, please contact Bashir Khan –


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