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TMS flexibility key in 2023

As transport operators look at the year ahead, it’s our contention that there is one key requirement for them to ensure their current management assets and systems are able to deliver the improved efficiencies that could make the difference between them sinking or swimming - given the way the twin tides of costs and compliance continue to rise - and that key requirement is a flexible transport management system (TMS).

Modern TMSs must be able to reduce the occurrence of errors such as double entries, and all relevant stakeholders must have their information delivered in a timeous, automated manner. Furthermore, an advanced TMS solution is needed to take advantage of full optimisation in order to deliver increased operational and administrative efficiencies. (That kind of TMS can provide value-added solutions such as improved driver performance, among others.) All of which requires a TMS flexible enough to handle everything above, as well as anything unforeseen that may be thrown at it; and you can be sure that the unforeseen will reveal itself time and again in the year ahead, if 2022 is anything to go by.

If that all seems to be a paradigm shift too complicated to contemplate, please contact Bashir Khan and he will demonstrate how a modern TMS can deliver the flexibility needed for the economy we face today, and the one we are likely to confront tomorrow.


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