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Think 2022 has been challenging?

As we reach the end of 2022, what have we learned, other than to continue to expect the unexpected? For a transport operator, the importance of getting things right first time and delivering on their customer service promise has never been more vital. The challenges they face in 2023 may well be more of the same but will definitely include some unforeseen ones, so it is key to plan for both eventualities: what we know is likely to continue to happen in 2023 and to take into account as many new potential risks as possible. At least now there is general recognition in the transport and logistics industry of the important role played by greater transparency and better sharing of information among all parties involved.

Our own view of what is likely to happen in the year to come is that financial pressures will continue to bear down on us (and may well increase) so how we tackle the impact of inflation and all other operating costs will be paramount. That said, the pressure to meet expanding sustainability targets will also need to be accommodated as local ‘Clean Air’ initiatives and government preconditions for Net Zero drive that agenda. In fact, ‘Clean Air’ initiatives on their own already have the capacity to ramp up operational complexity for transport operators as there are different requirements to be met in different urban areas, such as Portsmouth and Bristol for instance.

2023 will be a very good year to prepare for any and all conflicting operational requirements in the future, so it is best to ensure that your transport management system (TMS) can deliver what your customer wants and meet the wider needs of existing and potential new stakeholders. This necessitates a move towards a transport management 'platform' that integrates information wherever and whenever necessary to provide an interface whereby all relevant transport data can easily be accessed, incorporated, acted upon and reported in real time.

If you’d like to know how to move to such a TMS with minimal fuss and cost, please contact Bashir Khan here and he will arrange a free, personalised demonstration of Deltion’s CarrierNet transport management platform.


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