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COP27, common sense and transport operators

In the current business environment, transport operators need to ensure that they prioritise value for money for their clients - and as costs continue to rise quickly they will need to deliver the best price possible at any given time. That said, among other things, the recent COP27 conference in Egypt has shown us that costs are not the only thing that must be taken into consideration, as the implications of sustainability in all activities, especially transport, has to be taken into account by every operator.

Photo of truck on motorway to illustrate that the order of the day is employing a TMS capable of multi-tasking.

As a result of the need to control costs at the same time as juggling the impact of their transport operations upon the environment, operators will need to monitor more than one set of KPIs and balance their priorities to deliver both short- and long-term KPIs. Delivering positive results in this more complex environment need not be difficult for operators if they utilise a modern transport management system (TMS) that can cope with all the various inputs, outputs and reports needed. The complexity involved in producing the desired outcomes will push even the most skilful spreadsheet jockey to the outer limits of their ability to produce the numerous sets of reports required - and even if successful, will take them far too much time. With a modern web-based TMS, all of this will be delivered automatically as part of the TMS’s day job and extensive new sets of additional modules will not be required.

If you find it hard to believe such a TMS can handle all this so easily, contact Bashir Khan and he will be happy to demonstrate how this is handled simply and efficiently using Deltion's own CarrierNet.


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