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The law of supply and demand applies to truck drivers too

In a market where a supply of anything is getting scarcer and the demand for it is rising, the law of supply and demand states that prices can only go one way – up. That is exactly what is happening right now in the UK freight transport driver market.

In an effort to reduce the impact of the driver shortage, transport operators are having to improve pay and working conditions (not before time, we might add), in any way then can. Some operators have introduced signing-on bonuses, but those costs are immediately passed back up the supply chain, which is not a desirable outcome. However, the operators have another problem – once they’ve recruited drivers they must do their very best to retain them, especially as competitors turn poachers in their own recruitment efforts.

CarrierNet can help keep drivers - image to illustrate article

So, transport operators must try to mitigate the effect of increased costs in whatever way they can to remain competitive and improve driver working conditions. One of the main ways they can do this is through the use of a sophisticated transport management system (TMS). Such a TMS will make peripheral driver admin redundant by automating processes wherever possible while also maximising the efficiency of the entire transport process.

Any transport operator, short on drivers or not, should contact Bashir Khan hereto learn how a TMS such as CarrierNet can help solve your driver recruitment and retention problems, all while making your entire operational process much more efficient through automation and smart technology.


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