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Superior logistics - crucial in war AND peace

The term logistics was likely first coined for military usage in the 19th century. Furthermore, effective logistics strategies have been demonstrably key to military success from the earliest times, including Alexander the Great's use of logistics in his campaigns through to the current day, where they continue to impact ongoing conflicts around the globe. The successful use of logistics in the military, clearly an outcome of good logistics strategy and implementation, mirrors that of successful use of logistics in the modern commercial world - the results may not be so well advertised but are just as, if not more so, important to our way of life.

Photo of trucks passing each other in a tunnel to illustrate article on CarrierNet

As freight transport apparently accounts for something like two-thirds of most logistical costs and has a major impact on customer service, transport operators must pursue and implement highly efficient logistics strategies. Key to those are transparency and control, both of which can easily be implemented by having the best SaaS-based* transport management solution (TMS) in place.

If you would like to understand further about what excellence in transparency and control looks like, please contact Bashir Khan here at Deltion and he will demonstrate how they are delivered via our CarrierNet TMS platform.

*SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service


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