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Success of vaccine rollout depends on first-rate logistics

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Covid-19 has devastated economies around the world and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Now, with vaccines being produced that should bring back a sense of normality within a matter of months, the UK’s most ambitious vaccine rollout ever has begun. However, the conditions that must be met for the transport, storage and delivery of those vaccines are anything but normal. In order to maintain the integrity of those vaccines (the Pfizer one alone requires storage at -70ºC), transport operators must maintain a secure and transparent supply chain that accurately monitors temperature, storage time and location, as well as provide a clear and transparent reporting mechanism – in real-time! This kind of logistics delivery and transparency will be vital when vaccines are delivered to sites such as GP practices, care homes, hospitals and the like.

Regular, legacy logistics processes can provide proof of delivery, including signatures and photographs but, as mentioned above, the vaccine rollout/s will require much more than that. A modern TMS, such as Deltion’s CarrierNet, can provide the required level of visibility and transparency and will:

  1. provide condition monitoring – i.e. track and record temperature from an onboard telematics device

  2. track at individual order level – i.e. individual packages of vaccines, not just large batches

  3. determine the time a vaccine spends in the transport chain

  4. alert relevant stakeholders should any trigger levels be tripped

  5. track and confirm correct delivery and receipt

Provided our transport chains are secure, citizens of the UK can be assured that, with vaccine efficacy proven, the end of this dreadful pandemic is in sight.

Should you wish to understand how a TMS can deliver all of the above, please do not hesitate to contact Deltion’s Bashir Khan:


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