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No food shortages this Xmas, please!

We must be going for some kind of record mentioning Christmas this far out from December 25th, but someone’s got to look ahead in these uncertain days. For instance, there has a been a swathe of news articles recently highlighting how the impact of climate change together with the war in Ukraine (not to mention the ‘B’ word) could adversely affect the already highly inflationary food sector.

Will there be food shortages this Christmas due to climate change events, Brexit and the war in Ukraine?

For that reason alone, in the run up to this festive season we need to ensure that our supply chains work as efficiently and effectively as possible, so that products and produce arrives in the condition and at the time they are needed, and as near as possible for the planned cost. A key component in ensuring that this happens is to have real-time operational control, especially of freight transport as it links the various elements of a supply chain together. To that end, customers in the supply chain should be tasking their providers to deliver to them with real-time information, reports and controls. A cutting edge transport management system (TMS) can automatically deliver all that and more.

If your current TMS is not capable of doing all this or you just you feel we're talking nonsense, contact Bashir Khan here to find out how it’s being done right now with CarrierNet.


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