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Managing the impact of Covid-19 on transport operations

Covid-19 has completely transformed many sectors of the economy with transport operations, leisure, hospitality and travel among the hardest hit. These sectors in particular have shown that with high, fixed operational costs, it is difficult to accommodate and manage the rapid changes initiated by such an emergency. Similarly, some businesses, such as online grocers and other retailers, have seen demand for their products grow rapidly but with that demand rarely consistent across all product lines – all of which is indicative of the complexities of change involved.

The transformation in supply chain operations that Covid-19 has wrought in such a short time has shown that modern enterprises need to be able to accommodate and plan, as far as is possible, for unforeseen developments on a global scale. If they are to be successful they must be able to adapt their transport operations to suit almost any sudden crisis.

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) TMS moves with the times

A SaaS-based TMS allows a company to mitigate the IT management aspect of rapidly growing or shrinking demand because the TMS provider has that ability. Also, from a financial point of view, a SaaS TMS solution allows a company to adjust their service payments accordingly – there is no excessive upfront investment to write off or set-in-stone monthly payments to be met. With transaction-based pricing, a company can manage turbulent conditions and then review their needs when in a more stable environment. In this case, a major benefit of SaaS is that a provider is able to deliver its TMS service without a long-term contractual agreement. This means that companies can husband their vital cash resources in uncertain and rapidly changing times, such as we are living in now.

Deltion’s CarrierNet TMS takes ease-of-use to a new level

Another major benefit of SaaS is that it is easy to deploy services swiftly to an ever widening and differing customer base. CarrierNet certainly delivers this, and via a simple web portal allows a company’s customers to access a full range of new or existing services in real-time. In addition, CarrierNet’s modern design allows for workflows to be configured as and when needed, thus ensuring a benefit for one customer can be deployed to the benefit of all customers with immediate effect.

For details of how CarrierNet can help your business during times of stability and times of crisis, Please contact Bashir Khan –


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