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It’s sink or swim with choppy economic waters ahead

The warning from transport operators featured in an article in Motor Transport magazine that the raising of interest rates is having the required effect of dampening demand should not be ignored. Furthermore, according to ParcelHero as quoted in the article, it seems that a majority of transport and storage operators are predicting a reduction in turnover in the next few months - which is the opposite of what their retail partners predict. Apparently, a spokesperson for ParcelHero said that the logistics sector struggles with aging infrastructure and a fixed cost base - things that do not bode well for operators who will need to be both highly accurate and efficient in their planning and cost management if they are to survive the tough times that appear to be heading our way.

It’s sink or swim for freight operators with choppy economic waters ahead

Naturally, it's our contention that operators must continually be prepared for potentially turbulent times and so should ensure that their transport management systems (TMSs) are as efficient and as current as possible. To survive any possible downturn freight operators will need to provide their customers with the highest possible levels of service and charge fairly, efficiently and quickly, all while keeping their costs down. (Breaking News: it looks like fuel prices will rise soon due to the escalating violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip.) To deliver all this, a sophisticated, flexible, scalable and accessible TMS is vital - and that can really only be delivered via a SaaS-based* solution. A considerable added benefit of a SaaS solution such as CarrierNet is that it will also provide the highest levels of security - because opportunistic criminals will be prowling the IT environment in times like these as they will surely see opportunity for expansion of their nefarious activities.

To get a handle on how a TMS such as CarrierNet can deliver all the functionality mentioned above - and more - please contact Bashir Khan here for a free demo.

*SaaS is the acronym for ‘Software as a Service’. Essentially, it is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It’s actually a software rental model, sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”. Deltion’s own award-winning CarrierNet was the first internet-based logistics solution and has been recognised internationally as the leading web-based application for supply chain, logistics and transport management.


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