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Future-proofing transport planning systems

Transport planning is a process that is based on orders being received and then transport being organised to fulfil those orders. This process depends entirely on the knowledge of human planners – or in a few cases may be integrated within the transport planning process – and both scenarios do deliver effective routing for drivers.

However, there is a major caveat to be considered where that process is concerned, namely that when changes occur within the business or the broader economic environment, it can be unwieldy or reactive at best.

The good news is that, using our CarrierNet platform’s inherent flexibility, we have developed an automated process management optimisation tool that can plan all deliveries on a single platform without the need for manual intervention. Thus, the requirement for knowledge that sits in individual human heads is removed and the planning process is entirely automated. We call this tool PlanR.

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In addition, in one easy automated step, PlanR gives a transport operator complete control of the rules and constraints their own specific transport planning process may require. It explicitly details each step in the process and delivers a step-by-step planning procedure that provides total transparency and visibility. As a result, with PlanR transport companies can now review their planning processes proactively and adapt their planning approaches ahead of time rather than reacting to events. As they add new services or remove old ones, PlanR will adapt to those changes with minimal disruption. Of course, any relevant person in the company will be able to review the planning process in real time and communicate any concerns in a systematic and managed way.

The adaptability and flexibility that our CarrierNet platform gives PlanR makes it a future-proof approach to transport planning as it delivers all integration, computing and reporting elements so they can be reviewed continuously and altered automatically as changes become necessary.

If you would like to understand how PlanR could help you to be future-proof your transport planning system please contact Bashir Khan.


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