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Deliver your customer promise despite Brexit

Whether the UK strikes a Brexit deal with the EU or not, it is likely that the cost of doing business with Europe will increase for most sectors of industry and that will affect the competitive landscape. Of course, if no deal is achieved the effect will be more severe, putting strain on already tightened budgets.

Now, with Christmas stock build happening, transport companies will be required to prepare for uncertain outcomes, handle changing demand and deliver ever-lower cost solutions without any additional preparation time.

To be effective, transport operators will require IT systems that can flex, adapt and introduce new functionality as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The complexity of handling such changes using a manual or part-manual process will be both difficult and costly. The best approach will be to have a comprehensive transport management system (TMS) that can adjust on-the-fly, adapt to changes and be rapidly deployed without introducing extra burdens on any aspect of an operator’s IT systems. In addition, integration with external systems will acquire even more importance, with additional stakeholders requiring new information to be made available to them on an immediate basis as Covid-19 crests, Christmas draws near and Brexit springs whatever surprises it may come the New Year.

Only a leading edge, internet-enabled (i.e. SaaS-based) TMS such as CarrierNet can deliver all of the above. If you would like to discuss how CarrierNet can help you navigate the upcoming turbulence please contact Bashir Khan –


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