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Customer ‘Click & Collect’ service will be key in the post-coronavirus world

All companies are going to have to make adjustments to operating procedures post-Covid 19 lockdown. To ensure a successful transition back to ‘normal life’, social distancing will have to be maintained and for that to happen all customer service channels should be utilised to maximum efficiency. The throughput of shoppers (retail or trade) in-store will be reduced for the foreseeable future and, as traditional delivery solutions are already being used to the maximum, one major efficiency that can only be made via a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution is the pre-ordering system known as ‘Click & Collect’.

The main benefits of Click & Collect are: 1. All commercial elements of transactions are handled digitally 2. Customers will be informed when they can collect their goods 3. Stores can assign pre-determined parking bays for customer collection, so customers need not even leave their vehicles 4. Electronic proofs can be set up 5. Complete transparency throughout the supply chain

Our own SaaS CMS solution, CarrierNet, with its ability to track products at item level, features even more benefits: 1. Customers can choose their collection store (i.e. on the basis of product availability, rather than just store proximity) 2. Customers can choose their own collection times 3. Stores can scale the number of collection parking bays up or down in real time according to demand 4. Many orders can be handled concurrently

Image to illustrate article of man signing tablet for goods collection

Obviously, certain product orders will require a particular level of service and the ability to handle such differences is also a standard feature of CarrierNet.

Using CarrierNet, companies can be assured that both their normal delivery and Click & Collect services will be optimised to deliver maximum sales at least cost.

For more info about CarrierNet please contact Bashir Khan:


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