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Covid-19? Brexit? A TMS should help you handle such major challenges

A transport operator’s competitive environment is a rapidly changing one with external factors such as Covid-19 and Brexit (and the financial pressures they bring) driving the need for change, not to mention customer expectations continually intensifying.

A cutting edge TMS solution should enable transport operators to rapidly evolve and ensure that they do not fall foul of even unpredictable pitfalls. Deltion’s CarrierNet TMS is be able to:

  1. Support existing ways of working

  2. Support modern IT techniques (link to digitalisation and digitisation)

  3. Provide information to an ever growing number of stakeholders.

The changes driven by Covid-19 and Brexit will necessitate companies being able rapidly to update standard operating procedures with minimal impact on their end customers. Future success for transport operators will require a seamless transition to new ways of working with minimal impact not just on customers but on supply chains. In a crisis like Covid-19, a typical response to such a challenge could be the introduction of new ways of providing PODs.

Where Brexit is concerned, transport operators will have to prepare for changes to rules that may be sprung on them at the last minute – as a result their TMS will need to associate all relevant information with a delivery, recognising that only some of the information may be needed, and collating same as instructed by the operator.

CarrierNet has the proven ability to ensure that any future changes to a TMS can be delivered successfully. It is capable of this because all the requisite elements of a TMS can be accessed in a single environment within CarrierNet.

If you would like more information about CarrierNet and how it can help your company handle major challenges in the future, please contact Bashir Khan at Deltion: –


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