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Buses strike bridges too

When a bus struck a railway bridge this week, sending 3 children to hospital with serious injuries and injuring 13 more, it highlighted just how serious the problem of bridge strikes is. That accident could have been much worse, given that it appears there were some 60 children on the bus. It also demonstrated that it’s not just HGVs that hit bridges.

Deltion’s CarrierNet Hazard Avoidance Routing Tool (C.H.A.R.T.) can help eliminate bridge strikes right across the transport sector C.H.A.R.T. is designed to minimise the risk of bridge strikes and other hazards for all involved in transport operations by providing relevant and real-time support to vehicle drivers so that their routes are navigated for them – thus almost entirely removing the risk of bridge strikes due to driver error.

With C.H.A.R.T., bus and coach operations can be handled in the same way that freight movements are via a simple initial system configuration. As a result, any bus and/or coach driver can be provided with a safe route from origin to destination – the driver will only need to enter details of the vehicle registration into the C.H.A.R.T. app and it will do the rest, including supplying the driver with confirmation of the actual dimensions of their vehicle.

One major benefit of C.H.A.R.T. for bus and coach operations is that external stakeholders can be given access to the system via a simple web portal so they can track the progress of any given journey. Such stakeholders could be parents whose children are on a bus to/from school, or people meeting friends and/or family at the end of a long coach ride. Obviously, this would automatically considerably improve customer service.

C.H.A.R.T. can record all planned and actual journeys, providing additional managerial benefits whether a transport operator is a HGV delivery service or a bus/coach company.

Overall C.H.A.R.T. not only increases transport safety but also demonstrably delivers additional customer service and financial benefits.

To find out more about the benefits of C.H.A.R.T. please contact Bashir Khan –


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