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Brexit bites again!

What a horrible thought! It’s only now, some seven years after leaving the EU, that we are really beginning grasp the scale of the border controls and associated bureaucracy that have still to come into place as a result of Brexit - the natural upshot of which will be greatly increased costs which can only be recouped from freight operators, their customers and, ultimately, the public.

There’s no way to avoid the costs of new Brexit-related bureaucratic burdens, but a SaaS TMS like CarrierNet can ease them most effectively.

The food and flowers sectors are perhaps most adversely affected by the latest imminent tranche of Brexit-derived border controls. In recent years, these sectors have already suffered from increased costs as well as staff shortages and now they will suffer increased administrative burdens and associated costs. The knock-on effects for transport operators, outbound as well as inbound, will be massive and will affect our entire industry. If they know what’s good for them (and last year more than 460 firms did not) smart transport operators will sign up with TMS providers who have moved to a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model. A SaaS-based TMS will allow an operator to apportion and spread costs fairly and impartially, so that they are absorbed and shared by all parties concerned in the correct ratio - and thereby minimised for all of them.

There’s no way, unfortunately, to avoid completely the added costs of new Brexit-related bureaucratic burdens, but at least a SaaS TMS like CarrierNet can ease them most effectively. To understand what such a TMS could do for your operations, please contact

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