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As if Covid-19 lockdowns, Christmas planning and Brexit-end were not enough

For transport operators, Covid-19 lockdowns, Christmas and Brexit may not be their only major concerns. Those admittedly monumental issues have been occupying everyone’s thoughts recently, but the recent somewhat subdued launch of the government’s ‘green industrial revolution’ highlights that there are other issues which may arise in the near future and bring radical changes to the industry which will also need to be taken into account by transport operators.

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To manage these kind of disruptive challenges effectively, the transport management system (TMS) an operator employs will have to be nimble enough to evaluate new sources, and potentially different types, of information and initiate commensurate changes in the system in real time. Throughout a transport operator’s fast growing areas of concern, a growing number of disparate stakeholders are likely to require varying kinds of information and updates on matters such as, say, certain activities on the public road and transport networks. Those stakeholders will need to have access that information via an efficient form of communication such as only a top-notch TMS can provide – usually via a simple web portal.

The green industrial revolution tabled by the government is only one potential issue to be addressed but there will surely be others. If you’re a transport operator, do you believe your current TMS has the flexibility to cope with changes such as these? We’d love to hear your views about both the challenges ahead for your business and what you feel a TMS should be able to do to help you negotiate them. Do contact me, Bashir Khan, and let’s brainstorm a solution to the problems you see coming.


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