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A SaaS-based TMS will help overcome any unexpected Brexit hurdles

A modern TMS needs to provide as holistic a solution as possible for transport operators and their customers and suppliers. Moreover, in the very near future the number of stakeholders in a transport operator’s purview is likely to increase as Brexit triggers market challenges (many unforeseen), such as the need to provide additional information timeously to regulatory and customs authorities. A cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) TMS is able to connect as many disparate parties as necessary via a simple web portal, thus ensuring automatic real-time transfer of accurate information.

Improving operating standards

With a well-designed TMS solution, all requirements can be configured on one platform. For instance, a supplier in Europe will be able to load all necessary and statutory information into the TMS, as will any customers and anyone involved in the transport operations, whether they be a lead logistics provider or a subcontractor working for another transport company. In addition, access to the relevant part of the TMS can be granted to regulators, ensuring the real-time transfer of correct information.

One TMS, many users

A SaaS TMS solution such as Deltion’s CarrierNet only ever has one version in existence. All users are automatically upgraded to the latest version of the TMS, which means a transport operator can ensure that its standard operating procedures are instantly adopted by all users. Transport operators will also have control over how much access is granted to each user and, as operating or regulatory requirements change, can update those access protocols with immediate effect.

As Brexit makes increasing demands on operating/admin/customs/regulatory procedures, a modern TMS solution can guarantee that all operating standards are improved continually throughout an organisation. The key to this is transparency and rapid deployment of information, all supported by a clear audit trail. Only a SaaS TMS like CarrierNet can deliver such a seamless, real-time transport management system.

To discuss our cutting-edge TMS, CarrierNet, please contact Bashir Khan at Deltion:


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