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Transport operators make their TMS wishes known!

In our last post, we asked transport operators the question, "What is the one thing (or more) you wish your transport management system (TMS) could do for you that it currently can’t?" Well, many of you responded and by far the most popular features you wish your TMSs had were that they were:

• Ease-of-use

• That they automatically always have the latest version of the software

Well, the good news is that those wishes can be easily granted – but only via a 'Software as a Service'-based TMS. That may sound complicated and expensive but it isn’t.

Image of truck and hand on keyboard to illustrate this article about what transport operators want from the their TMSs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted by the supplier on the internet. It’s actually a software rental model, sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”. Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Photoshop are just two well known, typical SaaS products. Because it is internet-based, one the main benefits of SaaS software is that updates are instant and globally available the minute they are made. So, a SaaS-based TMS automatically grants transport operators' second most fervent wish above – their TMS will always be the latest version.

Our own CarrierNet TMS platform is SaaS-based and, in addition to being ‘always the latest version’, it grants transport operators’ first most fervent wish in that it is most certainly easy to use. We ensure that by ...

... keeping it simple!

CarrierNet uses every technique it can to simplify the transport planning and operations process, including the use of ‘drag and drop’ features as well as presenting information visually clearly and on as uncluttered a screen as possible. We reduce the complexity of transport business processes to their essence, with information modelled in simple steps in an intuitive User Interface (UI).

Transport management is a complex business in which a wealth of information is being produced all the time, and needs to be sent in many different directions as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Quite simply, CarrierNet does just that.

If you feel that the above seems contradictory – needing to capture immense detail and manipulating it using a simplified approach – then by all means contact Bashir Khan who can show you it in action.


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