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Supply chain service levels now driven by the customer

Image to illustrate CarrierNet article

It used to be that a supply chain’s capacity and management were forged from the manufacturing or supplier end and the customer took what they could get. Increasingly, however, it’s the customer who rings the changes and demands ever more efficiencies from a supply chain. The boom in online retail has driven this, of course, and the very least a customer (typically a consumer, though this can be true of retailers as well) expects these days is same day delivery, when and where they want it.

Supply chain security is now also key

It is also now standard practice that every step in a supply chain must be tracked and recorded in a safe and secure manner – while maintaining privacy wherever necessary. Paradoxically, even while certain privacies must be maintained, any supply chain must also provide complete visibility and transparency in key areas so that relevant stakeholders are kept abreast of progress in real-time.

In short, for a business to be successful today, and in the future, it must run a transport operation that can deliver the necessary flexibility to satisfy its customers, together with a transport management system (TMS) that provides access to pertinent information in real-time at all levels in the supply chain.

A modern TMS solution like Deltion’s CarrierNet ticks all those boxes and more. Speaking of more, CarrierNet can be deployed at no more cost than a traditional TMS and without additional, onerous IT requirements. There’s a lot more good news where that came from too – if you’d like to know more about CarrierNet, please contact Bashir Khan here.


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