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Ready for a new form of transport?

While they have been around for a while, it’s only now that drones are coming into common usage in the transport delivery sector. Drones are becoming accepted as an alternative mode of (small) freight transport, with the likes of Amazon Prime, UPS Flight Forward and Zipline offering drone delivery services. However, we maintain that drones are not just suited to courier or online delivery services - think how they could also greatly improve both customer service and cost-effectiveness in the service sector, whereby smaller items required for a service repair or installation could be quickly and easily transferred between depots and engineers in the field! That would negate the need for an on-site service engineer to have to hare off back to their depot for the part/s they need. Of course, the service provider would need to have the ability to track the drones and the items they carry, with automated alerts and notifications produced as necessary. If that sounds like a mountain to climb, it’s not - because modern, SaaS-based TMS solutions have already addressed such concerns in the freight transport industry. So, this is just another example of how our logistics expertise can help providers in the service sector.

Image showing that drones are not just suited to courier delivery services but to the service sector as well.

For more information as to how our CarrierNet TMS can be adapted to meet your service sector requirements, please contact Bashir at and he’ll happily show you how it can work.


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