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New Year piles on the problems

News headlines are full of the problems caused to supply chains by Brexit- and pandemic-related issues, and the increased bureaucratic hurdles arising therefrom look likely to grow only more onerous. To make matters worse, it appears that “… a "medieval" government IT system ... is still not yet ready to process post-Brexit paperwork…", as this article in The Independent asserts.

However, it is not all doom and gloom: for those transport operators who have invested in modern transport management systems (TMSs), integrating additional admin/customs rules and adhering to new (and ever-changing) regulations will be a doddle. But even for these operators, costly delays at ports may still occur, as all logistics companies will be slave to the lowest common denominator, namely that operator who does not have an appropriate TMS. Such an operator will cause hold-ups for everybody at border checkpoints and customs posts.

For those operators who took the trouble to invest in a cutting edge TMS, delays could easily be alleviated by a government initiative that rewarded them by introducing a fast track system whereby both parties could profit from that investment, and in doing so encourage tardy operators to up their game. For instance, we could have a scenario where all product information has been checked prior to a vehicle arriving at a border post, with the driver able to confirm all relevant info via a mobile app. In that way, full checks could be undertaken in a more efficient and timely manner. Only those operators who have the requisite quality of TMS would be able to use such a fast track system, thereby providing an incentive for all operators to invest in newer and better ways of working.

Getting the government to initiate such a fast track system is a whole other matter altogether.

Still, it’s better to be prepared and ready to tackle the curve balls that will come at you thicker and faster than ever this year by investing in a proven, future-proofed TMS.

If you’d like to know more about our own CarrierNet TMS platform, contact Bashir Khan here and he’ll give you the full low-down.


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