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Freight transport to become ever more complex

Oh, what a tangled web we weave … well, it seems inevitable that the future of freight transport management is that it is only going to become more intricate, not less. COP26 has shown we will all need to make major changes in many aspects of our lives and, as transport is the largest greenhouse gas emitting sector in the UK, freight movements will certainly be subject to considerable transformation.

Even in the short to medium term, we are likely to see not only additional national initiatives but also new local initiatives, as well as essential improvements in both safety and the social impact of transport in general. Such initiatives mean painful changes are in the offing.

In freight transport, those operators who can proactively model the impact of future changes and manage their operations appropriately will be streets ahead of their competitors. To be able to do this, a transport operator will need a future-proofed transport management system (TMS), plus an integrated planning tool, that can accommodate the new rules, handle all the data and enable modellers to implement new, automated procedures.

Such a TMS and planning tool already exists and has been proven in the industry. If you’d like to know more, please contact Bashir Khan here, and he will arrange to demonstrate how CarrierNet can deliver all the above and more.


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