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Hacked off with hackers?

We all know that getting hacked is a potentially disastrous side-effect of internet usage; it’s a necessary evil, if you will, that all companies have to acknowledge exists and be prepared for in the eventuality that it happens to them. That’s just as true for transport operators as it is for, say, the Pentagon, which itself has been breached in the past (proof that no one can ever let their guard down, no matter how large or powerful they are). Transport operators, who are indispensable links in supply chains everywhere, are particularly at risk of being unable continue delivery of their essential services should they be hacked - therefore they simply must have a clear and dependable back-up plan to continue their operations in the event of suffering such a breach of their systems.

Image of truck in underpass to illustrate article about hacking of transport operators management systems

We know that critical systems must be protected from the wild west of the internet and a transport management system (TMS) should definitely be considered a critical system - so IT security has to be high on any operator’s agenda. A modern TMS must have a recognised recovery point from time of breach, with a least-time-lost objective that will result in no more than two hours (as a maximum) of lost data and down time. If you’re an operator who has not planned for a hacking breach, or indeed are suffering without access to your TMS as a result of one right now, we can get you up and running on our CarrierNet platform within just a few hours. Obviously, tailoring specific requirements would take a bit longer, but if you’re in need of help please contact Bashir Khan now.

NB While we’ve never been hacked at Deltion, we are fully aware of the dangers and continuously monitor and update our systems to prevent the worst from happening.


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