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Cash Flow Is King - more than ever

At no time of year is it more true that cash flow is king than at Christmas, and this Yuletide more so than ever, given the current financial situation. It’s usually a busy period for retailers and the transport operators that service them, so it’s also a time when operators e advantage of that to 'make hay while the sun shines’. Such an opportunity, however, does mean extra expenditure on extra resources to service that extra business, especially when interest rates are rising as they are. Essentially, that means operators must run a very tight ship when it comes to financial management - especially their cash flow - therefore all invoices must be produced without errors and dispatched without delay, because you can be sure that many customers will use invoicing errors as a way of not paying on time and thereby easing their own cash flow. So ...

Minimise your cash-to-order cycle!

The surest way to minimise your order-to-cash cycle is to use an internet-based TMS that automatically provides all the necessary checks and balances to ensure that errors are minimised and that invoices are dispatched timeously. If your current TMS can't provide such automated financial reconciliation, make haste while the metaphorical sun shines and contact Bashir Khan here - he can demonstrate how a transport operators are using our CarrierNet TMS to deliver this very requirement without any increase in overheads or extra administrative burden.


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