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Bridge-strikes easily avoided with SaaS

Covid-19 has not eliminated all other supply chain management hazards. Even though operating methods are changing to accommodate Covid-19-related requirements, other typical transport hazards can also be avoided through the use of an SaaS supply chain management solution. All safety concerns, real-world and/or IT-related, should still be addressed.

A typical example is that ‘bridge-strikes’ do not need to continue to be a fact of life. A SaaS solution like CarrierNet can effectively eliminate bridge strike because:

  1. It ensures that routes provided to drivers are safe for their vehicles and also …

  2. Takes into account real-time traffic

  3. Safe detours can be provided so …

  4. Drivers only have to focus on transport requirements

  5. All loads/vehicle details/etc., are maintained by the company so …

  6. They are not the responsibility of the driver

  7. Managers are immediately informed of detours and so can provide assistance in real-time

  8. Customers may be updated with up-to-the-minute real-time information

  9. Routes and detours driven are both recorded in the TMS so are available for any form of enquiry

Image shows low railway bridge that has been the victim of numerous strikes by trucks

In effect, a SaaS solution like CarrierNet can manage not only issues specifically caused by Covid-19 but all these other requirements – without any disruption for CarrierNet customers or end-users.

For more information about Deltion’s CarrierNet SaaS solution, please contact Bashir Khan –


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