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A superior TMS adds value for company directors

We all know that Business Intelligence (BI) reporting is the process of gathering data by utilising different software and management tools to extract relevant insights to help directors and management run their business more efficiently. What may be less obvious to many transport operating companies, however, is that a cutting-edge TMS such as Deltion’s CarrierNet not only delivers major benefits for vehicle operations but it can also automatically provide in-depth BI reports to senior management. Such reports include:

  1. Operational information that enables efficient execution of transport operations

  2. Relevant summary views as necessary to any or all levels of management

  3. Automatic alerts when particular events are triggered

With modern IT solutions and digital integration of systems, there should never be a conflict between data sources. With a Software as a Service (SaaS) TMS like CarrierNet, all internal and external stakeholders can be provided with access tailored to their particular requirements.

Furthermore, SaaS also delivers real-time updates for all concerned, so proactive actions can be initiated on the basis of timely reporting.

The combination of modern technology, fast broadband and a well designed TMS allows reporting to be undertaken by stakeholders themselves without involving the TMS provider, thereby making it more accessible and cheaper to boot, as there would be no charge from the TMS provider.

If you would like more information about CarrierNet and how it delivers comprehensive management reporting please contact Bashir Khan at Deltion:


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