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A cure for post-Brexit logistics headaches

While the Covid-19 pandemic and its lockdowns is having a massive negative impact on the UK economy, we also need to be aware that the completion of our exit from the EU is changing the way we are having to conduct business and particularly trade with the bloc. Only this week, the boss of a major retailer said that to manage the impact of Brexit they will have to open a separate warehouse in the EU to serve that market (with the unavoidable loss of jobs here) – and this is without the impact of delayed rules and regulations on both sides that will be enforced in the near future.

Companies will need to have sophisticated IT systems in place to manage the phasing in of new rules and regulations for individual sectors. Such systems will need to allow a range of stakeholders easy, secure and timely access to the relevant information to ensure effective distribution across the UK and EU.

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Well-integrated transport management systems (TMS) will play a key role in the successful dissemination of relevant information to the appropriate parties. Without a modern TMS, it is likely that there will be costly delays and disrupted supply chains as a result, which of course could spell disaster for time-sensitive products. Using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, information will only need to be entered into the TMS once to be visible across the entire supply chain, making it available for use as and when required. It’s our contention that only a SaaS model can deliver the flexibility and ease of use that is desperately needed in the ever-changing business environment we find ourselves in and help ease the pain of post-Brexit change.

If you would like to know more about our own proven SaaS-based TMS, CarrierNet, which only requires simple, log-in internet access to work, please do not hesitate to contact Bashir Khan right here.


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