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Today, transport operators must achieve Amazon-like levels of customer service

The general public now expect an incredibly high level of service from delivery companies. The trend toward such high expectations was growing inexorably anyway, but the Covid pandemic supercharged it, as lockdowns and restricted movement drove online ordering and home deliveries mainstream in a big way. In short, the level of service that is being delivered to us by courier companies has become the order of the day, and will become the yardstick by which B2B customer service levels are measured too. With courier companies, for instance, if a customer is not at home to receive a package, it can be redirected instantly – though that situation itself has become much less likely, now courier companies are able to give customers the option of very small delivery windows. Until now, providing that level of service has not been possible for transport and freight operators.

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So, what has changed in transport management?

Most transport operators have both a transport management system (TMS) and a routing and scheduling optimisation engine but making the two work seamlessly together in a fully automated way was not possible. Enter PlanR.

Developed by us to bridge the gap between any TMS and routing and scheduling optimisation engine, PlanR can ensure that all deliveries to all customer types, whether B2B or B2C, can now achieve courier-like levels of service.

How does PlanR do it?

Simply put, PlanR uses artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that a transport operator’s specific supply chain processes are identified, built and adhered to, and all administrative elements are automated – it is the automation and use of rules/constraints that delivers the improved service. Another great benefit of PlanR is that routing transparency is optimised and customers get the greatest possible visibility of order and shipment tracking.

Furthermore, when real-world problems occur, PlanR dynamically generates changes in the most cost-effective way, effectively further improving customer service. What’s more, PlanR is affordable and easy to implement and operate.

If you’re a transport operator who would like to know more about PlanR, or even if you simply think it must be too good to be true, please contact Bashir Khan and he’ll demonstrate that PlanR may be even better than you thought possible.


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