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Shippers must anchor the supply chain

Modern manufacturers need to be as responsive and flexible as possible to survive in a world in which customer expectations are off the charts compared to just a few years ago. Today, consumers are used to having their cake and eating it: they expect maximum choice at the keenest of prices and, of course, delivery of their cake wherever and whenever they want it.

As a result, today’s manufacturers and shippers, whether or not they’re one and the same, have little choice but to deliver their products at optimum prices, coupled with premium customer service, and no excuses. Naturally, as any supply chain is composed of interdependent suppliers, all delivering on a just-in-time basis, it is only as strong as its weakest link.

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We maintain that the key to delivering what the customer wants, when they want it and at no appreciable extra cost, is for product shippers to deploy fully integrated, automated communications systems that provide real-time reporting, and include the built-in flexibility to adapt to unforeseen interruptions or sudden changes to any of the logistics elements of the supply chain. It is vital, therefore, that a shipper’s Transport Management System (TMS) needs to direct crucial information instantly to all stakeholders, not necessarily just the end-customer, in an easily accessible format that can be employed to the ultimate benefit of the entire supply chain.

If your TMS does not enable a more responsive logistics/supply chain solution please contact Bashir Khan.


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