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Carriers must deliver a shipper’s value proposition – and more

When it comes to delivering the value proposition, it’s the carrier that is the key final link in the supply chain. It they who deliver the supplier’s service promise to their customer. In essence, the carrier is paid to complete an order on time and in pristine condition. That all seems fair. However, with the right transport management system (TMS), a carrier can deliver so much more value to all the stakeholders in their supply chains.

The right TMS is key

With the right TMS, a carrier can build in automatic alerts, avoiding the need for any reactive investigations, and deliver automatic reports, thus ensuring that all data is collected correctly and provided on-time every time. All relevant stakeholders can receive specific updates and be able to interrogate deliveries on-line – something that is now practically compulsory in the parcel sector.

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Furthermore, such a TMS solution can not only simplify things across the board, it can also streamline the order-to-cash process – automatically invoicing on completion of a job along with a POD. In addition, by providing detailed information on all aspects of the supply chain, the TMS can detect where opportunities for extra growth lie, such as reducing empty mileage that can be exploited to bring in additional revenue. A TMS like this also has the ability to remove the burden of manual invoicing and other interventions, so increasing the accuracy of the management process.

If you would like to understand how a TMS like CarrierNet can deliver all the above, please contact Bashir Khan.


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